Okhla Industrial Area

Industrial Security Guard Services in Okhla, Delhi

Secure Your Commercial Property with Bespoke Security Guard Services in Okhla

KBSS is an independent security company in Delhi NCR, offering a broad range of bespoke security services to accommodate your requirements. Be it warehouses, manufacturing units, offices, banks, schools, and any imaginable fields, we offer high-quality security services to all for long and short-term basis.

Why Security is Important for Your Commercial Entity in Okhla?

Industrial sites are a tempting target of vandals and thieves. It is because high-cost goods are stored on the site, the place is unmanned during holidays, and alarm systems are not reliable enough. In other words, no matter how advanced your security gadget, human presence is more powerful of all. Their presence keeps vandals away and gives a sense security to everyone working in the company.

How Is Our Security Service in Okhla Promising?

We have been in the industry for more than a decade as a family business.

  • We offer in-house training to our security guards by providing basic martial arts knowledge, self-defence technique, self-control, alertness, and fitness.
  • Each guard of us are trained enough to meet the security needs of any industrial facility. They petrol sites, monitor CCTVs, set alarms, and respond quickly during emergencies.
  • Our guards maintain a rigorous access control system to make sure that every visitor, staff, and labourer provides identification upon arrival in the building. They maintain register of sign in and sign out to endorse all policies of the company.
  • Since our security personals work for banks and jewellery stores, we make them vigilant for every suspicious activity around them. Our security team can set up random checks to avoid any chance of vandalism.

Primary Duties of Our Security Officials in Okhla:-

  • Conducting patrols
  • Managing outgoing and incoming of visitors and staff
  • Keeping eye on anything seems suspicious
  • Ensure to follow all safety supervision
  • Visual deterrent
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Mobile patrols


How long I have to wait for getting security services from you?

Once you contact us, we have a discussion regarding your requirements so that arrangements of security officials can make within 2 days or a week.

Do you provide security officers for night guarding?

Yes, we provide security guards for nigh guarding. Our security guard services offer 24 x 7 hours security. The management of time for security guards depend on you.

Do you offer security guards for short-term or for events?

On special events, there is always a need of additional security services. We help to meet your security needs. Our bespoke security services helps to fulfill the demand in emergency.

Do you conduct background verification for your security guards?

Before hiring them, we conduct background verification of each one. We aim at providing reliable security guards whom you can trust for safety.

Do you provide security to banks or financial organizations?

Yes, we provide security to banks and financial organizations. All legal industries can get the benefits of our bespoke security guard services.

Consult us at +91-9821589091, +91-8595831099 Or email us at info@kbss.co.in to hire security guards in Delhi NCR.