Bouncer Service

Hire the Best Bouncer Service in Delhi NCR

KBSS Offers bouncer services in Delhi for hotels, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, and events at affordable prices in the industry, contact to get instant support!

When the term “Bouncer” is used, people often mistake it with bodyguard services. A bouncer is a doorman or a door supervisor. He is a type of security personal, employed at nightclubs, bars, stripclubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants, concerts, sporting events & celebrities’ doorways.

Duty of a Bouncer

A bouncer is responsible to provide security. He objects the entrance of those people who are intoxicated, not meeting the legal age of drinking and people with aggressive behaviour. They are civilians and hired through a security agency like KBSS or directly.

The requirement of bouncers is higher where crowd size is large and alcohol consumption may cause brawl or fight. They are hired where the threat of criminal gang activity or violence is high.

Why KBSS for Hiring Bouncer Security Services in Noida, Gurgaon, & Delhi?

  • A leading security agency in Delhi NCR with years of experience in offering security services
  • A PASARA registered security agency in India or has the legal license to offer security services
  • Providing in-house security training to our security guards and bouncers to make them ready for their duties
  • Making our bouncers familiar with CCTV and other security surveillance to detain suspects
  • Each of our bouncers is well verified for their work background to make your hiring easy and fast
  • Have an excellent backup of bouncers to meet your instant needs
  • Ready to provide bouncer services for events or concerts or short-term needs
  • Each of our bouncers is physically active, tall and diligent


Can anyone hire bouncers?

Bouncers are doorman who keep your premise safe from strangers. They are typically appointed by hotels, bars, pubs, and concerts to maintain the law and order. If you are looking to hire bouncers for the security of your property or personal bouncer, you can.

How much time do you take to arrange bouncers?

We are into the security field for years. We have a large team of bouncers to provide instant support. As you contact our bouncer company in Delhi NCR, we will take no time to arrange the service. We aim to provide the service on time or without delay.

How much do you charge for the service?

We aim at offering bouncer services at affordable prices. The pricing depends on the number of bouncers and days you want the service. If your requirement is for a long term, the pricing is cheaper and the best. Contact us to discuss in brief.