Industrial Security Guard Services in Delhi NCR

Keep Your Premise Safe & Productive by Hiring Vigilant Security Guards

No matter how large or small your organization, it needs security round the clock. Police cannot be present door to door. That is why private security guards have supplemented the law enforcement for decades in India. Many business owners have openly accepted that their presence is more effective to deter crime than high-end security devices. So what are you waiting for? Contact Key Bright Security Services to find remarkable industrial security guard services in Delhi NCR.

Our network is growing every month. We have successfully deployed our security personals to several industrial areas of Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

Organizations Getting Benefits of Our Services:-

  • Manufacturing firms
  • Multinational companies
  • National-level companies
  • Small Organizations
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Institutes
  • Daycare Service Providers
  • Retail Stores

Banks and lots more…

We Provide Security Guard Services in-

  • Manesar Industrial Area

We have recruited several security guards in the Manesar area for national and international companies. Contact us to learn more about our services in the area.

  • Okhla Industrial Area

We have served our security services to businesses of all streams in Okhla including manufacturing houses, schools, retails, banks, and more. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

  • Rampura Industrial Area

We are serving several commercial properties in Rampura. Our security personals are appointed in varied fields. Visit the page to learn more about our Rampura security services.

  • Narela Industrial Area

Get in touch with us to hire security guards at Narela DSIIDC in Delhi. We offer security services to Narela’s busy markets and its nearby areas. Let’s discuss to hire the best security guards.

What Types of Benefits Do Our Business Get Hiring Industrial Security Guards in Delhi?

Do you know Delhi is one of the most susceptible places in India? Since it is the capital of the country, it has always been in the target of terrorism and other criminal activities. A security  guard gives a sense of security.

  • They deter crime at workplace. Since they observe the environment and suspicious activities, a quick action is taken by them to mitigating several risks such as thefts, assaults, and vandalism.  
  • Their presence provides a sense of security to the business owners, staff and customers. Having tight security in and around the premises can dramatically improve employee retention, especially in the sectors like finance and high-end retail stores.
  • Security guards not only protect the workplace but also provide basic customer services like their entry time and the departure time.
  • They help to maintain the order at your workplace by controlling the violations of conduct in the office.

Security guards are well trained to handle surveillance systems. They monitor each corner through CCTV cameras and respond quickly if anything appears amiss.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Industrial Security Guards from Angel Security Services?

  1. Offering well-trained and vigilant security officials
  2. Enable to meet your demands of security personals in bulk or single
  3. Each security officials we appoint are trustable and well verified for their character
  4. Capable of handling scuffles by using self-defence techniques
  5. Each security guards of us are well trained to handle surveillance devices
  6. Everyone has basic knowledge of handling computer devices and are literate


How long do you take to arrange security services?

As you contact us, we collect our staff and try to fulfill your requirements as quickly as possible. It may take a day, two, but not more than a week if the requirement is in bulk

What if I need emergency short term security services?

We are capable of providing short-term security services. You can contact us at any time. We have a good backup of security officials to meet your requirements. As a regular client of us, you can book our service with just one call

Are your security officials capable enough to handle crowd?

Yes, we have trained our security officials for every situation. They efficiently handle crowd. They are mastered in crowd management. They keep the place in discipline.

Do your security officials know self-defence techniques?

Yes, during training we make sure that each one becomes perfect in self-defence so that they can control any scuffle using the technique. They also get basic training of martial arts.

How many security officials can you provide?

We have a team of security guards. We can arrange single, double, triple and more security officials to meet your requirements. All of them are alert minded.

Do you provide security officials for night guard services?

Yes, our security guards are trained for night guarding. You can hire them for round the clock services. They protect your property using security devices and basic guarding tools